Russian Violations of Minsk Agreement

The pattern is clear. Where Russia has made commitments, it has failed to meet them. Russia has negotiated a peace plan, and then systematically undermined it at every step. It talks of peace, but it keeps fueling war.

- Ambassador Samantha Power

Ambassador Power's Address at AEI on Peacekeeping Reform

“In a world where we have a vested interest in seeing violent conflicts curbed and seeing suffering prevented – America needs peacekeeping to work. But precisely at this moment, when we recognize this crucial role that peacekeeping can play in shoring up U.S. interests, our demands on peacekeeping are outstripping what it can deliver. Today, we are asking peacekeepers to do more, in more places, and in more complex conflicts than at any time in history.”

- Ambassador Samantha Power

Ambassador Samantha Power

Ambassador Power Visits Ebola-Stricken Countries

We stand at a historic juncture. We face the greatest public health crisis ever. And we each have the opportunity to work together in support of the brave and determined people of the region to bend the chilling curve of Ebola’s spread and to end the devastation and suffering that it has wrought. To beat this virus and to produce the seismic shift upon which the lives of an entire generation in West Africa depend, we each have to dig deeper, and we each must conquer the fears that this epidemic has generated.

End of UNSC Presidency: Galvanizing the World to Address Global Challenges

In the last two weeks, you’ve seen the previous record of co-sponsors for a Security Council resolution broken on two occasions. On the Ebola resolution, where as you know we had 134 co-sponsors—nearly double the prior record of co-sponsors—and then the foreign terrorist fighter resolution passed at the summit that President Obama chaired where we had 104 co-sponsors. So, you see the United States helping to put the weight of the international community into the kinds of collective actions that transnational problems require.

Ambassador Samantha Power / USUN Image

U.S. September Presidency of the Security Council

The United States is president of the UN Security Council for the month of September. Stay up to date on the latest:


- US Presidency

- September Program of Work

- Program of Work Press Conference

Representing the United States at the United Nations

The Issues

Wed, October 01

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu Meet at the White House

how can we find a more sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Tue, September 30

President Obama Meets with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

the two leaders discussed the broad partnership that exists

Thu, September 18

Standing United Against ISIL: "We're Strongest as a Nation when the President and Congress Work Together"

supporting opposition forces that will fight ISIL inside of Syria

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