Security Council Debate on Middle East

"As grave as the situation is now – and it is indeed grave – it can get worse. If the fighting persists, it will. Humanitarian conditions will continue to deteriorate. More civilians will suffer. And more innocent lives will be lost. The only solution is an immediate ceasefire. This could not be more urgent or more important, given the devastating consequences of the violence for civilian populations. That is why the United States will not rest until a ceasefire is achieved and the underlying issues fueling the conflict are addressed."

- Ambassador Samantha Power

Security Council Calls for Investigation into Downing of MH17

"Today, we have taken a step toward combating impunity. The resolution passed provides clear directions to safeguard and uncover the facts—however inconvenient those facts may prove to be. [ . . . ] But we are not naïve: if Russia is not part of the solution, it will continue to be part of the problem." 

- Ambassador Samantha Power

The Downing of Flight MH17

"To the families and friends of the victims, it is impossible to find words to express our condolences. We can only commit to you that we will not rest until we find out what happened. A full, credible, and unimpeded international investigation must begin immediately. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. They must not be sheltered by any member state of the United Nations."

-Ambassador Samantha Power

Security Council Discussion on Situation in Gaza

"No family – Palestinian or Israeli – should have to live in perpetual fear of being unsafe in their own homes. No children – Israeli or Palestinian – should be kept awake at night by the sounds of rockets and gunfire, or to be prevented from going to school because it’s too dangerous to venture outside. No people want to live like this. It is outrageous that they are being forced to."

-Ambassador Samantha Power

UNSC Adopts Resolution 2165 on Humanitarian Access in Syria

"By adopting this resolution, the Council has opened four crossings to UN humanitarian agencies and their implementing partners without the need for approval from the regime…If implemented fully, this resolution will allow critical aid to reach up to two million Syrians who have been denied adequate assistance for the past year, and suffered immeasurably as a result."

- Ambassador Samantha Power

Representing the United States at the United Nations

The Issues

Fri, July 18

President Obama Speaks on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, Russia and Ukraine, and the Situation in Gaza

"a global tragedy -- an Asian airliner was destroyed in European skies, filled with citizens from many countries."

Mon, July 14

U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Approaches, Website Goes Live

the Summit constitutes the largest single engagement by any U.S. President with Africa.

Tue, June 24

Senate Delays Hurting Our National Security

focused every day on keeping our country secure and our citizens – at home and abroad – safe.

The Briefing Room
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